Monday, January 1, 2007

30-12-06 TT 29.41. Splits 7.05, 14.26. Mild southerly. Spurred on by two guys coming up behind. First, about 2 mins behind, catches me just before Red Rocks junction; the second is miles behind. Up to Golfball, south over Te Kopahou (484 m), down into Long Gully, down to coast and home.

27-12-06 TT 31.28 (but only to top gate, so probably nearer 31.50 to seal). With Ben Wilde. Gave him 2 mins start but never caught him. Gale NWer – blown off twice in first quarter – that’s never happened before! North to Sanctuary, down Car Parts and Planet – sweet. Up road to Brooklyn and down Happy Valley Rd home.

24-12-06 TT 30.45. Strong NWer. Down Red Rocks. Five attempts to get hard climb. One dab on final descent.

21-12-06 18 km road ride into town and back. Still sore from Karapoti!

18-12-06 Karapoti with Ben Wilde, Simon Kennett, John ? One dab on warm-up climb. Bashed knee on handle-bars. Struggled on 1st climb. Rock Garden, rode first 2 drop-offs. Made 3rd climb easily (bashed knee recovering). Perfect weather. Conditions good, except the 1st climb was loose and slippery.

I'm not actually racing the Karapoti. I last raced it in 2005. I don't really like being nose-to-tail with hundreds of other people in cattle class for half the ride because riding the climbs is my (small) strength, and all the people pushing up the warm-up and 1st climb make them impossible to ride. People say go in Pro/Elite, but I'm not really an elite rider. My time in 2005 was 3 hours 42 mins. I reckon I could go under 3 hours 30 mins if the way was clear to ride the warm-up and 1st climbs, but I don't think I'd ever get near 3 hours - which is where the elite riders are supposed to be.

My favourite Karapoti ride was when I went round by myself on Jonty's fully ridgid bike. It was torrential rain (but warm) until the top of the first climb, then, amazingly, the sun came out. I didn't take a coat - there was no point the rain was so heavy. There was a group of young-guns being taken round by an older guy, and we kept leap-frogging each other - I waited for them at the foot of the 3rd climb to check I was going the right way. My time was 4 hours 15 minutes, and it was a thoroughly good ride.

14-12-06 TT 33.57. Steady NWer. Heavy new tyres. Up to Golfball. Down Red Rocks. Climbs cleaned. Final descent cleaned, but slip off on loose corner just before last climb (going too fast). Round coast over Hell’s Gate, up into Long Gully, up and over (407 m) into Sth Karori Rd. Stop and eat opposite where Leaping Lizard comes out. Up Sth Karori Rd, up Skyline to Wrights Hill, round Sanctuary fenceline, up road to Hawkins Hill. Down Tip Track and home. 1500 m climbing. 4 hrs 15 mins.

13-12-06 Makara Peak. Up Koru, Sally Alley, ML, Aratihi (40 min). Down Ridgeline, Swigg/Starfish. Fun ride.

9-12-06 Bike to Revolution Cycles, Northland. Test ride Jamis Dragon Pro 06 round Sanctuary fenceline. Bad ride. Bike’s geometry not set up for me so have trouble climbing out of entrance to Sanctuary. Good descending Scout Hall track. But blood-sugar drops away and have trouble on Bird St switchbacks – which I can’t do anyway. Back home through Brooklyn and Mornington. Sigh.

6-12-06 TT 28.39. Splits 6.50, 14.05. Perfect weather – sunny, mild southerly. Down Red Rocks. Two goes on steep climb. Small dab on final descent. Great ride.

3-12-06 Makara Peak Rally. Punctured 5 mins from end of Sport class. Took 20 mins to change tyre – not a strength. Cost me 1st or 2nd.

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