Sunday, January 14, 2007

12-1-07 TT 29.17. Splits 6.50, 14.20. Stinking hot. I got home early from work and waited for the southerly change to come in before setting out. It did, but it was too mild and I went a bit soon to get any cooling advantage. I was tired after a week of commuting, so didn't hammer it, which just goes to show that the TT is running really fast at the moment. No recurrance of the lower-back pain that I had on the last ascent. Went up to the Golfball and felt weak so just went back down the TT. Timed myself from the top barrier to the 2nd-to-bottom barrier - 8.41. I'm a tentative downhiller. My best time down the TT is 8.20 - which I don't think is bad for a hardtail with skinny 2.1 tyres (what I had then), though I'm sure people go much faster. Now I've got 2.3s, which are great for going down, but big and heavy for climbing. The TT grading has made the descent harder, I think, because of the new water-bars and the number of crucial cambers that have been lost - especially on the top half. There are, however, a couple of good new cambers on the second half - especially on the quarter-way bend - which make the last quarter faster. Got home and my blood-sugar was 1.7 (it's supposed to be between 4 and 7 - below 4 and you're heading for a coma), which explains my lethargy at the top. Going down the TT with low b/s doesn't help.

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